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The Macbook Pro 13” is the only current model Macbook Pro which doesn’t feature the Retina display option. The 13” model has remained the same since 2012, and retains an optical drive and a non-flash hard drive, along with ethernet and firewire ports. Even though only the 13” is sold today, of the line Apple says:

“MacBook Pro features the latest dual-core and quad-core processors, and faster graphics to deliver the perfect combination of pro performance and extreme portability. And whether you’re using the 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro, you’re guaranteed to get battery life that lasts as long your typical work day (or longer).”

Model ID Disk Size (GB) RAM (GB) Amazon Price Screen Size (in) Resolution Weight (lb) Dimensions Battery Life (Hrs) Processor Base Speed Turbo Speed GPU Geekbench 64 SC Geekbench 64 MC 3DMark11 (Perf) 3DMark06 Release Date
MacBook Pro 13 MD101LL/A 500 4 Click to See
13.3 1280 x 800 4.5 0.95" H x 12.78" W x 8.94" D 7.0 i5-3210M 2.5 GHz 3.1 GHz HD Graphics 4000 2774 5748 642 4500 06/11/2012
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