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Apple iPhone 6s

Apple A9 • PowerVR iPhone 6s Custom 7XT
First Released 09/09/2015

The iPhone debuted in 2007 to huge success, and since then Apple been a pioneer of many features in the smartphone world. Apple has been releasing iPhone generations at a fast clip, putting out a new model close to every 18 months.

The 6s was released on September 9 of 2015 as the smaller model, with a screen size of 4.7" and an HD resolution of 1334x750 or 326 dots per inch. Both the 6s and the 6s Plus introduce some key new features - live photos , 3D touch, and 12 Megapixel rear cameras.


The Basics

Identifiers for this platform.

FamilyiPhone 6s
Screen Size4.7"
Dimensions5.44" H x 2.64" W x 0.28" D
Weight0.315 lbs.
Battery Life14 Hours
Model IDA1688
Unique IdentifierMKR12LL/A
First Released09/09/2015



Basic information about this platform's configuration.

Hard Drive16 GB (Flash)
CPU1.85 GHz Apple A9
GPUPowerVR iPhone 6s Custom 7XT
Resolution1334 x 750



A look at what's crunching the numbers.

CPU1.85 GHz
CPU Cores2 (2 threads)
Geekbench 64 Single Core Benchmark2495
Geekbench 64 Multi Core Benchmark4350



A way to see your work and play... and a measure of how it performs.

Screen Size4.7"
Resolution1334 x 750
GPUPowerVR iPhone 6s Custom 7XT
3DMark11 Performance Benchmark0
3DMark06 Benchmark0
Displayport (or Thunderbolt) Ports0
HDMI Ports0
DVI Ports0
VGA Ports0


Connectivity & Expansion

Ways to input and output data, and options to expand.

USB 3.1 Ports0
USB 3.0 Ports0
USB 2.0 Ports0
Thunderbolt 2 Ports0
Thunderbolt 1 Ports0
Ethernet Ports0
SD Card Slots0
Optical Drives0
Headphone Jacks1
Built-In Microphones2
Microphone Jacks1

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